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An ode to the beauty of the 100% natural and timeless tones of local merino wool. Each one of them is the result of an impeccable artisanal process. Woven by people with different abilities on handlooms in Teixidors (Terrasa), these plaids are authentic works of art that are destined to accompany you for many years.

Imagine these pieces as treasures that will be part of your personal legacy, transmitting to future generations the importance of valuing the world around us. They are symbols of a conscious lifestyle that transcends fads.

By wrapping yourself in one of these plaids, you embrace the warmth of the craftsmanship. Pieces that tell a story that will last, like a legacy that is transmitted from generation to generation.


This product is hand-knitted – Wooldreamers ethics
Product made with 100% high quality local wool.

People involved in the creation process of this article:26 people

Time needed to produce this article with 100% sustainable traceability:9936 hours / 414 days


Flock: Merino sheep from La Huertona (Cistierna, León)


Sheared – sorted – washed – dried – carded – spun at Wooldreamers (Mota del Cuervo, Cuenca)
Handwoven by: Teixidors (Terrasa, Barcelona)

Materials and Dimensions

100% Merino Wool

Measurements: 190cm x 140cm

Details and Care

To ensure the correct care of our clothes, it is important to follow some guidelines when washing them. First, immerse the garment in water (20-25ºC), avoiding sudden changes in temperature to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Use neutral soap when washing by hand, avoiding excess fabric softener during rinsing.

When rinsing the garment, maintain the same water temperature and avoid wringing it to remove excess water. Instead, press it gently between your hands to release excess moisture before laying it flat to air dry.

Avoid pulling on the edges sharply and handle them with care. To iron, use a medium temperature and follow the vertical direction of the piece.


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