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WOOL4LIFE creates this unique fusion of Granada wool and Andalusian craftsmanship, a journey through traditional crafts, working in harmony to achieve a timeless and exquisite result. A tangible expression of the connection between wool and craftsmanship, a work of art that tells the story of generations of artisans.

In the heart of Ubrique, artisanal skill and textile tradition come together to give life to our fantastic wool felt Minds backpack. Made by the experienced hands of the Ramos family, with more than 80 years of artisan legacy. This bag is much more than an accessory; It is a testimony of the rich history of the Cádiz region.

Discover the authentic elegance and unmatched warmth of this unique piece, where tradition and craftsmanship converge to create something truly extraordinary.


This product is made by hand – Wooldreamers ethics
Product made with 100% high quality local wool.

People involved in the creation process of this article:39 people

Time needed to produce this article with 100% sustainable traceability:9936 hours / 414 days


Herds of Lojeña sheep, which graze in the Sierra de Loja, Granada; and from Merino sheep that do so in the Dehesas of Extremadura.


Sheared – sorted – washed – dried at Wooldreamers – Mota del Cuervo (Cuenca)
Felted in: Olius (Lleida)
Handmade in: Ubrique (Cádiz)

Materials and Dimensions

91% Lojeña Wool Felt (Sierra de Loja) and Merina (Extremadura) / 9% National Natural Leather

Measurements: 27.5cm x 27.5cm x 17.5cm

Details and Care

Felt backpacks should only be cleaned by hand and without wetting the leather parts. In most cases, it will be enough to rub the stained parts with a natural fiber brush and a little water. When drying, make sure the backpack maintains its original shape by stuffing the inside with a towel or similar. This is because wool felt has the virtue of maintaining the shape it has been given during drying. In the event that a little pilling occurs in the areas with the greatest friction, remove the pills with a lint comb and your backpack will be as good as new.

Due to lighting conditions and the 100% natural origin of the materials, the colors on your screen may differ slightly from the actual color.


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