RESILIENCE – 100% Merino Wool

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This model is a declaration of principles, a passionate demand for the use of wool in quality articles, avoiding problematic synthetic fibers.

The love for this fiber and our fight for its revaluation took us beyond borders. In the capable hands of a family workshop in love with wool, located in Austrian lands, this piece came to life. It was this family that was the only one that believed in our dream, supporting us unreservedly and without compromising the values ​​of Wooldreamers. Their dedication and love of local wool served as catalysts for our vision.

With this unique piece, you join our cause, carrying with you a story of resilience and a promise for a world where quality and authenticity prevail over artificiality.


This product is woven on a power loom – Wooldreamers ethics
Product made with 100% high quality local wool.

People involved in the creation process of this article:27 people

Time needed to produce this article with 100% sustainable traceability:9432 hours / 393 days


Herds of Transhumant Merino Sheep: Council of La Mesta (Villanueva del Pardillo, Madrid) & Miguel Cabello Herd (Siruela, Badajoz).


Sheared – sorted – washed – dried – carded – spun at Wooldreamers (Mota del Cuervo, Cuenca)
Power Loom Weaving in: Ramsau Am Dachstein (Austria)

Materials and Dimensions

100% Merino Wool

Measurements: 180cm x 145cm

Details and Care

To ensure the correct care of our clothes, it is important to follow some guidelines when washing them. First, immerse the garment in water (20-25ºC), avoiding sudden changes in temperature to prevent the fabric from shrinking. Use neutral soap when washing by hand, avoiding excess fabric softener during rinsing.

When rinsing the garment, maintain the same water temperature and avoid wringing it to remove excess water. Instead, press it gently between your hands to release excess moisture before laying it flat to air dry.

Avoid pulling on the edges sharply and handle them with care. To iron, use a medium temperature and follow the vertical direction of the piece.


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