Endangered Breeds

In Spain there are currently 45 native breeds. These breeds are distributed throughout our provinces and each of them has wool of different qualities.

These native breeds are the result of cultural movements and local needs of each area and the adaptation of these animals to the climatic environment of each of our natural areas.

Unfortunately, some of these breeds are in serious danger of extinction due to lack of profitability in the primary sector. On many occasions, local shepherds leave the job of maintaining this type of local breed.

On other occasions, the number of sheep in some of them is even lower than the number of lynxes in the Iberian Peninsula.

Wool4life joins this fight to prevent the disappearance of these breeds, carrying out studies and developing products that best suit the wool characteristics of each of them.

In this way, we help make their wool production profitable while giving visibility and support to those shepherds who continue to commit to maintaining this endangered species.